New Year's Anti-Resolution

As the new year begins, so does the quest for the perfect New Year's resolution. This year I'm not going to make the typical resolution.

I already that I'm not the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, or the prettiest, but maybe that's okay for once. I want to focus on all the things that I know I already am. I'm a good friend. I'm a good wife. I'm a hard worker. How about this year, my resolution focuses more on what I am and less on what I am not.  I'm going to focus on the fact that when I workout I feel strong, not focus on the fact that I could always lose a few pounds. I'm going to focus more on the fact that I make a good contribution at work and that my co-workers enjoy working with me instead of worrying about a promotion. I'm going to remember the fact that my girlfriend's banded together and buy me a gift card for some takeout and a date night when times are hard and I'm sick because my immune system isn't the strongest because they think I'm a great friend too. I'm going to remember all the things that my husband does for me because he loves me because he dotes on me, because he is my partner in life.

 True happiness is accepting myself for 2018! 

True happiness is accepting myself for 2018! 

As women we have a tendency to doubt ourselves, to berate ourselves, and to overall just make ourselves feel like we're never going to be good enough. So this year my resolution is to have an anti-resolution. I am pretty damn awesome just the way I am. I hope that you can remember this yourselves and set your own anti-resolution! 

#Badassbosslady Highlight: Kerry Washington

#Badassbosslady Highlight: Kerry Washington

At Make The Rest Up we love focusing on becoming a #badassbosslady from the inside out. That means feeling awesome about the work you do and bringing that to boardroom but also looking your best to aid that inner confidence and make it shine. For New Year’s, we focused on highlighting a matte, smokey eye and nude lip because it’s a look that is great for social, professional or business events as you head into the holidays.

Negotiating your worth

Negotiating your worth

As we head into the new year, it’s only fitting that you start thinking of your new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s a new fitness routine or working towards a promotion, the number one question I get asked is how to negotiate for a better salary...aka the raise! Here you’ll find the basics you need to go in a kickass employee and leave as a #badassbosslady.

The #badassbosslady lipstick line!

Since we first launched our VANity we’ve been asked constantly about our own product line. It’s something we have always wanted to do but we also want to make sure it do it at the right time. Now, with the shift in focus on just our products, our newest line of liquid lipsticks are aimed to help you look and feel your best, all while donating to our favorite charities. 10% from each lipstick sold will go towards our charity of the month. Which one will you choose?

 Doe foot applicator for easy precision

Doe foot applicator for easy precision

The formula is meant to be lightweight for easy wear but long-lasting to ensure you aren’t worried about touching up when you are on the run. The flat doe-foot applicator picks up the perfect amount of product and means you can skip the lip liner since you can still get the precision you need.

 Colors are swatched on flat white paper for the truest color. We've tried these against many different skin tones and only pick colors we feel CAN flatter truly ALL skintones. 

Colors are swatched on flat white paper for the truest color. We've tried these against many different skin tones and only pick colors we feel CAN flatter truly ALL skintones. 

The Line

There are 12 colors in the line, which aims to suit all skin tones and undertones from light to dark. You can use these without liners but can add for a changed effect or color. One or two layers gies you long-lasting wear that isn't drying but won't budget for hours! The fruity scent makes this a joy to apply and above all, these are cruelty-free, vegan, and made here in the USA!

  • Boss Lady - a bright and bold hot pink
  • Inspired - the brightest tangerine orange with a neon quality
  • Empowered - a pink toned light beige colored "nude" that is nude on lighter skin tones and a soft pink on darker skin tones
  • In Charge - a peach toned beige colored "nude" that is nude on medium skin tones, peach toned on light skin tones, and a peachy pink on darker skin tones
  • Dedicated - a purple toned pink that is truly stunning on all skin tones, this subtle pink can be worn in all situations
  • All Business - a true wine purple that is bold on light skin tones and stunning on darker skin tones
  • Badass - a true neutral toned red
  • CEO - a reddish wine based bold that is perfect for that fall "merlot" color
  • Proud - a true purple
  • Confident - more purple based that CEO a purple wine based bold that gives you fall vibes
  • Persistent - a unique dark purple grey black that is lighter than a true black with just a hint of mystery
  • Fierce - true black that is opaque on both fair and dark lips alike

Which color is your favorite?  Place your order now for our full range of lipsticks and donate back to great women's causes. What colors should we work on next?

Freaky Friday! The Broken Porcelain Doll

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you figured out your Halloween Costume yet?  Stay tuned as we continue to share our favorite Halloween Makeup and Costumes throughout the month!

One of our favorite  looks is the Broken Porcelain Doll. It’s the perfect combination of creepy and pretty and definitely creative on all fronts. The best part about this costume is that it gives you an excuse to repurpose an old Halloween costume outfit with a new spin on the makeup or search through vintage and thrift stores (Goodwill is amazing this time of year!).

By adding some professional halloween makeup to enhance your costume, you can create a killer Halloween look that will make for some amazing pictures and memories.

Get the look

Prep the face with a lighter than normal foundation shade. If you tend to have fair skin, you can use a white or neutral face paint and if you tend to be on the darker side, using a foundation a few shades lighter will give you that doll-like effect without getting you confused for a clown. Using a gel eyeliner such as Mac Fluid Track eyeliner in black, use a brush to draw on some cracks and patches. The key here is to focus on a few key spots to spider out the cracks from and keep the black solid. You can use the same eyeliner to draw lashes on the bottom lash line in an overly exaggerated way. Lastly, finish up with a matching blush and lipstick. You want full on color and isn't too blended, but rather boldly placed. Our favorite lip colors are our long-lasting #badassbosslady liquid lipstick in Badass or Confident. 

Get your costume ready with one of our liquid lipsticks and as always, a portion of proceeds will be donated to women’s literacy charities, because illiteracy is the real fright!

Badassbosslady Inspiration: Lady Gaga

Badassbosslady Inspiration: Lady Gaga

At Make The Rest Up we are often inspired by celebrity makeup styles and of course, celebrity good deeds.  We couldn't help but highlight Lady Gaga, especially given the intimate and honest look we get to her with her new documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two.  While she works to overcome sexism in the music industry and debilitating pain, she manages to continue to inspire her fans, especially those in the LGBTQ community. 

Refocusing Make The Rest Up

Big News! After careful consideration, we are going to be focusing exclusively on relaunching Make The Rest Up to focus on our content to empower women, and extending our makeup line beyond lipsticks. Which means.... we are selling the beloved VANity! Thanks for the amazing couple of years, and if you, or someone you know are interested, have them reach out to! 

Salon Truck for Sale

What sort of content do you want to see from us? We hope to focus on topics such as:

  • Navigating the workplace and gender discrimination
  • Negotiating your well deserved raise or promotion
  • Dressing for work professionally while feeling unique
  • Understanding unconscious bias
  • and more!

Comment below with your suggestions on what types of subjects you want Make The Rest Up to tackle!  As always, we want to stay focused on empowering women, and donating back to women's causes through charitable donations made from your purchases! 

Happy Holidays and a Jolly New Year!

Dear #badassbosslady,

I just want to say thank you for being a customer, friend and supporter.  Exactly a year ago we started on this journey to change the beauty industry. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we couldn't be more grateful for the amazing people we have gotten to know throughout the last year. 

Badassbosslady of the week: The T Swift

Tis the season for holiday parties!  That means sparkly dresses, cozy sweaters, and a FIERCE red lip. 

At Make The Rest Up you have the option of choosing your own look or a look inspired by celebrity makeup styles. For a bold, red lip and winged eyeliner that is just perfect for the holiday season, choose the T Swift. This classic but still modern look is perfect for date night or a girls’ night out!

Badassbosslady Liquid Lipsticks Now on Sale and For a Cause!

Badassbosslady Liquid Lipsticks Now on Sale and For a Cause!

That mission hasn't changed, we still believe firmly in these ideals, but we couldn't ignore the question we get asked 99% of the time we talk to you, our customers.  "Where can I buy this product?"  As such, while we still plan to carry a variety of affordable and luxury items and allow women to try and play in a safe space, we are proud to announce our own line of #bassassbosslady liquid lipsticks