Starting Make the Rest Up

It's been 26 days since I quit my comfortable job and decided that I was going to start this..."thing". As of today, that's what it is, a "thing".  It's not quite a company yet and I don't want to use the word "start up" (too much pressure I suppose). But really this "thing", is supposed to be a lot of "things". It's meant to be a bit of freedom, a bit of hard work, a bit of a learning experience, a bit of my blood sweat and tears.  It's meant to be my dream and my nightmare all rolled into one.  Above all, it's meant to help be my journey to figure out how I can combine things that I'm passionate about with causes I care about.  

Over the next few weeks and months, I'll start sharing more about this journey that I'm embarking on and what this "thing" actually really is about.  But until then, if you are interested in learning about my trials and joys and my pains...then I encourage you to follow along.  Ill be focusing on what it means to start a beauty based business aimed at truly helping women and you can laugh and cry along with me.

Here's to the journey!