The Strangest Purchase I Will Ever Make

A centerpiece of Make The Rest Up will be our mobile makeup studio. We’re outfitting a passenger shuttle bus with gorgeous vanities so that we can reach our clients all over Austin - downtown, west campus, offices, festival grounds. By making a-la-carte makeup services accessible to the most popular areas in Austin, it will be easy for you to get glam on the go!

My Search History Will Never Be the Same

Of course in order to do this, we have to buy an actual shuttle. The type of shuttle is very similar to something you take at the car rental place at the airport. As you’d expect for any pimped out ride, we will install custom vanities to bring every girl’s perfect ready-room a reality. It’s definitely been the strangest purchase I’ve ever had to research and buy and I’ve definitely gotten questions about “how the hell one even goes about buying something like this.” Here, I'll dig into the process that Anna and I have been through thus far:

I Spy with My Little Eye, a Shuttle!

Shuttle vans aren’t sold at regular car dealerships. In fact, most of what I’ve found is online and nowhere near Austin. Luckily, we found a business in New Braunfels that focuses exclusively on selling shuttle buses. After finding a bunch of options online, we knew that we needed to see the vehicles in person to figure out what size we would want. So Anna and I packed up and went for our first Make the Rest Up roadtrip! While the online search process was not easy, we found the in-person experience incredibly satisfying. We immediately realized that a “small” shuttle is perfect for our needs with the help of the incredibly helpful salespeople. They had a model that was already stripped of the traditional interior - so we could really envision configuring it with vanities, storage, a seating area, and even vanity lighting!

Back, Back, Back it Up

I was incredibly pleased to learn that small shuttles don’t need a fancy license to drive and even fit in a regular parking spot! Of course, Anna and I are going to have to take that baby out in a parking lot and practice our donuts and backup obstacles to become expert shuttle drivers. If anyone in Austin knows of a good empty lot and wants to come watch for a good laugh, let us know!

Two Heads are Better than One

This was our first really “big” decision that we had to make together and it went really smoothly.  Anna and I both asked a bunch of questions, which was great since we could cover multiple perspectives. While I was jotting down the specs (so of course our car/motorcycle expert spouses could help us decipher later), Anna was taking pictures. Together we could brainstorm to plan the space. I left the lot feeling like together, we could conquer all!

Rose-Colored Windshields

Since our initial visit to the shuttle dealership, things have progressed much more quickly than we had anticipated. That same night, as Anna was discussing some custom metalwork for the shuttle with her husband, it was revealed that his boss has experience in remodelling the bus/mobile home interiors! With all of this development occurring so quickly, it could be easy to see this process through a rose-colored windshield and forget that there is the potential for many speedbumps along the way. There is so much to consider before we commit to the final purchase and that’s what I’ve been accomplishing since we found the shuttle of our dreams (never thought I’d say that...). I’m figuring out loans, what licenses we will need to operate, asking about liability waivers and insurance and even starting to look up decorating ideas (send us pins!). We still have a long road ahead (get it….road?) but I truly feel like this is going to be one of our bigger hurdles and so far we’re clearing the jumps with ease!

Making the Shuttle a Reality

The last update is our kickstarter campaign. We set it up so that we can pay for the redesign without compromising our ability to hire talented artists to work with us. If you are interested in seeing this Shuttle come to life, or would like to pre-purchase your packages for Make The Rest Up, please visit our kickstarter and back us today!