The It Girl: Vintage Awards Season

We have so much to thank the 1920’s for - flapper dresses, women's suffrage, the smokey eye, and the rise of the “It” Girl. Having “It” has always been this intangible but iconic quality that epitomizes the most current trends and makes any girl instantly covetable. In addition to Make The Rest Up’s year-round tried-and-true complete looks for every occasion, we will have a featured “It” Girl look every three months inspired by the runway, the red carpet and you! Trends used to last for a decade at a time. Now, with the rise of social media and of course, the selfie, we can fawn over celebrity OOTDs (outfit of the days) and we see trends change dramatically week to week. Make The Rest Up wants to  provide you, our fashion-forward clientele, with the most contemporary and up-to-date trends so that you can get glam and glow, glow, glow!

Persimmon, Marsala, Burgundy, and Berry

Coincidentally, we also owe this season’s “It” Girl look to the 1920s. The craze over prohibition-era glam that swept in with The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey can be seen in more subtly modern ways this season. Boyish, straight silhouettes, the return of gorgeously textured hair, and the berry-colored lip (a found final farewell to 2015’s color of the year, Marsala). It's warmth is a remnant of the holiday season’s red hues - November's persimmon orange turns to December's true red, turns to January's burgundy, turns to February’s romantic purply berry.

We are seeing this especially this awards season, where celebrity after celebrity is pairing the berry lip with a soft, slept-in smokey eye (Lucy Hale, Rachel McAdams, and Claire Danes to name a few). The beauty of the smokey eye is that it’s truly all about the technique, not the color. Smokey eyes always look great in classic black, but mix it up with bronze, navy, chocolate, grey, plum, or even a muted green!

An Everyday Take on Hollywood Glamour

Make The Rest Up’s take on this red-carpet trend makes the eye more wearable for everyday by using a more softly blended out bottom liner and softening the brow color (while keeping them nicely defined). This is great for wearing to the office when you need a little extra confidence in the board room, a romantic, culture-rich date (like an art show opening or play), or paired with oversized sunnies and a floppy hat outside at a music festival. 

Annabeth makes Hollywood Red Carpet Glam attainable for the everyday beauty

This look is incredibly versatile on women of all skin tones including:  Kerry Washington, Rihanna, JLo, Jessica Alba, Lea Michele.  Pre-order your glam package today by visiting our kickstarter and join in on this classic but current look and of course, come back often to see what our latest “It” Girl has in store for you!