Vlog Update: Start Up Life

E’eryday I’m Hustlin’

A common question I get isn’t about Make The Rest Up, but actually about me!  You all want to know what I’m doing in addition to starting this business and how it’s going.  I sat down to talk through my main focus on Make The Rest Up, my part time consulting and why I work at my gym.  I also share with you my first major set back, finding a charity partner.  

Practice Makes Perfect

Hope you enjoy watching my second attempt at vlogging!  I figured out a tripod and height this time, but need to work on lighting and keeping the camera in focus. These are the skills I didn’t think much about when I started out with these updates but I’m quite enjoying learning all about it.  It should also come in handy when we launch because I’d love to share a day in the life of Make The Rest Up and keep sharing engaging content with you all.  

Lastly, if you haven’t already, please help us make the launch possible by backing us on kickstarter. Your backing will ensure we launch our studio this spring so I’m not just a woman with big dreams and nothing to show for it but a blog!