Vloggers & Bloggers and Makeup Oh My!

Here at Make The Rest Up we are always looking for inspiration for our looks and the latest trends. Pop culture is a huge source of the best beauty looks but I also love looking to youtube and the interwebs for what's hot now. As a self proclaimed beauty lover, I thought I’d share my favorite Vloggers & Bloggers so that you guys can find some additional beauty joy in your days!  You can click on each one to access their blog or vlog. And as always, bring us any of these looks or ideas for your next appointment! 

Who else do you love that I haven’t listed here?


  • EmilyNoel83 - She is one of the first beauty gurus I found on Youtube and probably what got me into admitting (at least to my husband) that I’m a bit of a makeup addict and that it’s ok! She runs the spectrum with her array of looks from night out to busy mom. 
  • Nicole Guerriero - I love this lady’s personality!  She is so down to earth and hilarious. She definitely knows what is the latest hot trend in makeup for the perfect girls night out looks. 
  • MakeupByTiffanyD - Tiffany was another early favorite. She has such an amazing style and lately I’ve been obsessed with her home decor posts/videos in addition to her makeup tutorials and hauls. She's definitely a classic beauty and sticks to every day wearable neutrals that are perfect for the business professional. 

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