What is Make The Rest Up?

It’s about that time to bring Make The Rest Up to life! We’re finalizing our renovation of our mobile makeup studio and hiring some super talented makeup artists to bring our vision to life. It’s past time for us to let you in on our secret….Make The Rest Up was made for YOU!

The Birth of a Makeup Revolution

Yes you, reading this post right now. I myself first fell in love with makeup sometime around the 7th grade. I realized some black eyeliner made my eyes pop and lip gloss made me feel like a highschooler (the ultimate goal as a 6th grader). Of course, as I moved into college and then employment, my path leaned towards business pursuits to pay the bills.

Fast forward to 2012. I moved back to Austin after my first advertising job in Cincinnati and spent most of my free time outside of work watching Youtube videos on beauty reviews and applications and helping my friends get ready for their engagement photos, anniversary dinners and headshots. I realized, there wasn’t a great option for women like me, and my friends, to get their makeup done professionally in a super quick, easy to find, and affordable way. That’s when Anna and I (former dorm-mates back at good ol’ UT, HOOK'EM!) met up for coffee.  I proposed a crazy idea to her.

What if, instead of providing expenses makeup services that have to be booked months out, you could do it on the fly?  What IF, you could break the services down in a way that made sense to the everyday women looking for a little something extra but who wasn’t looking to be perfect on film or camera? What IF, you could use the power of makeup to make her feel a little bit more confident and add a pep to her step before that big first date? AND what IF you could give back to women all across the world while doing this?

Anna listened, she asked questions, she posed great concerns from the makeup artist’s point of view about fair wages, look quality and accessibility. That day, the first seeds of Make The Rest Up were born.

It’s been 3 years since then, and we are about 3 weeks away from launching. So it finally makes sense to unveil our vision to you. Today I’ll cover my top recommendations of when to use Make The Rest Up, and when your tried and true personal artist or cosmetic counter still fits the bill.

The Traditional Options

They say your wedding ranks in the top 3 most important days in your life (along with moving and having a baby). Of course that warrants a top of the line, 100% focused on you with no time constraints makeup artist. Someone who will give you their undivided attention to make sure that every part of your face, neck and decollete sparkle. As Anna told me, wedding makeup is it’s own category because you are part artist, part confidant. You not only want to make your bride and her wedding party glow, but you have to ensure you are meeting their every beauty need while keeping her calm and ready for the aisle. The attention to detail and added pressure of looking picture perfect is the perfect occasion for a highly trained individual freelancer. She can consult with you on your perfect look months ahead of time and even offer a test run or beauty consultation to make sure your day goes off without a hitch. Freelance makeup artists are the foundation of the perfect wedding picture!

On the other hand, women have been frequenting makeup counters and department stores for years for application and beauty advice. This is again another great option for the woman looking to learn how to improve her own beauty arsenal with the right products for her look and skin. Cosmetic advisors will not only help you choose the right items for your needs, but often demo them on your skin either with a minimum purchase or in addition to a makeup appointment. I know my die hard beauty fanatics who swear by one brand love this option and when you aren’t in a rush or have a saturday to spend shopping with the girls at the mall before a night out, who wouldn’t love this option?


Enter your new and third option. We fill that blurry space in between the traditional application routes because we can help you find that right look the rest of the time. When you don’t have time to hit the mall or don’t need any specific product (or want to commit to buying product) but can’t justify the time to have a full beauty consultation and production 1:1, we’ll be here for you!  Make The Rest Up specializes in a la carte application specifically for all those other times when you want to look amazing but don’t necessarily need to call in the cavalry. Our goal is to have you in and out in 45 minutes or less (in general 25 minutes!) and to help you highlight your best features for a selfie worthy night out. Here’s just a few examples we’ve seen of folks jumping at the chance to use Make The Rest Up:

A wonderful moment captured between mama and baby

  • Baby shower and baby bump pictures
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Date night and anniversaries
  • Professional events
  • Headshots

The world of beauty and makeup has been around for decades and is only growing in possibility and capabilities. We hope to bring you a bit more accessibility and options so that if you’ve never before been able to have the luxury of a makeup application you can explore a whole new world of it! We look forward to seeing you soon in our brand new VANity and hope we can make your night a bit more glamorous all while giving back to a great cause.