This Is Just The Beginning!

One month ago, we learned that we had hit our kickstarter goal. Our friends and family came together to support us and make our dream come true. That dream was to bring makeup services to women in a new, affordable and customizable way to make everyday feel a bit more glamorous. More importantly, that dream is to take that luxury service that makes a woman feel beautiful on the outside and help her feel that way on the inside, by contributing to women’s literacy and entrepreneurship foundations.

House Wine Happy Hour

This Saturday is a huge milestone for us. It’s our official Make The Rest Up Launch! We will be opening our VANity doors at 5pm at House Wine for the public to come by and check out the latest in luxury beauty services at a fraction of the price. As part of the celebration, we partnered with the lovely folks at House Wine to create a custom House Wine look. It features a soft champagne, golden eye that will be paired with a complementary stained wine lip color. Of course you are always welcome to upgrade to a full blown complete look or add some lip-n-cheek love for our deluxe lip and blush combo. Whatever look you choose, grab a glass of wine and join us for the best girl’s night you can imagine before you hit your dinner reservations or downtown.

Movin’ On Up

If you can’t make it this Saturday (and we are so sad you can’t!) then you can catch us every weekend in April at the Domain. We will be parked across from Starbucks on Century Oaks Terrace next to the lovely Pink and Silver Fashion Truck. Find us every Thursday - Sunday starting at noon. If you forget, just check our VANity tracker for our location and make your appointment so you don’t have to miss out!

We’ll see you Saturday!