Austin Fashion Week 2016 #AFW

This past weekend, we had the joy of showcasing our menu and techniques at Austin Fashion Week at the JW Marriott. Anna, Noemi and Natasha provided free touch ups for fashion show attendees and met some of the most wonderful fashionistas in Austin. In addition to the great music and guests, we saw the  hottest trends in Texas and have recapped them here for you in case you missed it! 

Providing touch ups on the beautiful AFW attendees!

Head of Makeup Artistry, Anna showcasing her take on the #AFW16 runway makeup trends.

On The Face:

Of course, we wouldn’t be Make The Rest Up without showcasing the amazing makeup trends we saw smiling on the runway. Persimmon was the belle of the ball on the face. Warming up the neutral fabrics we saw in most of the collections, we fell in love with the bright yet still soft eyeshadow that managed to be highly pigmented and yet still perfectly blended so it wasn't out of place. Anna put together her own take on this runway beauty which is perfect for spring and summer.


Two of our favorite outfits from Designsbyln. Photo Credit from Instagram: @fivefortyone (left) and @thenuevalatina (right)

On The Runway:

In contrast to the bright eyes, the clothes were neutral in varied tones of grey, pink, white, and black. There were individual standout pieces in red but otherwise it was kept fairly soft in tone. The fabrics were loose, flow-y and layered. We fell in LOVE with a velvet coat and the layered fringed vests. Topping it off, were the sparkles and glitter that we saw on skirts, tops and dresses. It was definitely a casually chic affair, perfect for Austin!



We are so proud to have gotten to be part of this amazing event and grouped with such great designers and local Austin talent. Drop in the shuttle this weekend at the Domain Thursday - Sunday or book your appointment to try out our take on AFW trends or get ready for your runway worthy appearance! And, don't forget we are offering 25% for first time customers with code FANDF25 but only until May 1st if you book ahead