Make The Rest Up's Skincare 101

One of my favorite things about makeup is actually before I even drop an ounce of makeup on me. Skincare is critical to any beauty regimen and even for those who prefer not to wear any makeup it can help make you sparkle from within and keep your most vital organ healthy.

One of our #badassartists, Jennifer, is not only an amazing makeup artist but she also works as a skincare specialist. When she’s not making our clients look picture perfect, she’s giving the rest of us skincare advice so we thought we’d share some of the wealth.

1.  What's your official title and role at the plastic surgeon's office you work at?

Full-time, I work for a plastic surgeon as a medical aesthetician. This means I’m certified in using medical grade skin care to get the best results for my patients and customers.

2. What's the biggest "no-no" you see from clients and customers when they walk into Make The Rest Up as far as skincare is concerned?

A common mistake people make is when they have a dryer skin type but still wear a powder foundation instead of a liquid one. This can irritate drier skin even more and you’d want to add moisture with liquid and creme products. The other is not washing their faces twice a day. That’s a must.

3. What's the 2-3 skincare products EVERYONE should be using to make their skin look and feel better?

You have to remember that the two most important products that people should spend money on is a treatment like a serum that is a retinol or a vitamin C as well as a sunscreen with zinc in it. These are the foundation (no pun intended) to good skincare which makes any makeup application look and feel even better.

4. You sweet talked the owner of Make The Rest Up, Natasha, into getting micro-needling done. What is micro-needling exactly and why do you recommend it?

Micro-needling is a medical grade skin care treatment that creates controlled micro-injuries in the skin.  This  causes your body to rush blood to the skin to heal itself and produce more collagen. This treatment is great for helping with overall skin tone, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, acne and enlarged pores.

Natasha’s Note: While the micro-needling feels like a little tattoo all over your face at first, it’s quite easy to endure and even 2 days later, my skin was so much smoother. My cystic acne flare ups on my cheeks are almost gone just from my one treatment so far!

5. Why do you like working at Make The Rest Up in addition to your regular full time job?

I chose to work with Make The Rest Up because I love doing makeup, I love their a la carte and women empowerment message and concept and it's only part time on the weekends so I can juggle both of my passions. It was just meant to be!

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