The Pin-Up Girl

The Classic Pin-Up Model has been a timeless classic in glam and sex appeal for over a century. Let's put our #badassbosslady spin on this iconic look!

Friday, August 6th, Craftsman presents an amazing night dedicated to the beautiful and iconic pin up girl. We want to celebrate all our beauty and all our glory so join us for all the nights specials, get made up if you want and help support some amazing women's literacy causes*. We HIGHLY recommend appointments.

Preview of Specials:

  • "The Bettie" - A "lip-n-cheek love" with hot red lips and pink blush ($15)
  • "The Pin Up" - A "just the eyes" that really emphasizes the bold, black winged eyeliner of the era ($25) with false lashes ($35)
  • "The Bombshell" - A complete look as described above with lashes being an add-on depending on type of lash you need for your level of glam (demi, full or deluxe)
Bombshell makeup

*As always a portion of our proceeds go towards women’s literacy