Badassbosslady Liquid Lipsticks Now on Sale and For a Cause!

Back in March we walked you through the mission behind Make The Rest Up and our focus on making services more approachable for all women, while giving back to great causes.  We felt strongly about ensuring that we weren't the typical product pushing cosmetics outlet but rather a place you could go to feel pampered and beautiful while staying socially conscious about some of societies biggest hurdles for women. 

That mission hasn't changed, we still believe firmly in these ideals, but we couldn't ignore the question we get asked 99% of the time we talk to you, our customers.  "Where can I buy this product?"  As such, while we still plan to carry a variety of affordable and luxury items and allow women to try and play in a safe space, we are proud to announce our own line of #bassassbosslady liquid lipsticks

 Left to Right: BossLady, Inspired, Fierce, Badass, Confident, All Business, Dedicated, and Empowered

Left to Right: BossLady, Inspired, Fierce, Badass, Confident, All Business, Dedicated, and Empowered

Why Start a Line? 

There are so many factors that go into creating your own line but we felt like lipstick was a great place to start. While we may someday carry more options and lines, by having our own branded lipstick line that we can stand behind, we can ensure we believe in the practices behind the line and use it to further our mission.  As such, 10% (up from pre-sales of 5%!) of proceeds from each liquid lipstick sold will be going towards women's charities!  Our services will still give back but for our fans that aren't in the Austin area, or who want to take a piece of our values with them, our lipsticks are a great option.

As with everything else we do, we focused on making sure this line was inclusive across a variety of skin tones. We source the lipsticks from a manufacturer that also believes in cruelty free makeup (aka, no animal testing!) and are going to constantly look for more ways to add, improve and expand our line and thus, our donations.

Colors from Left to Right: Empowered, Dedicated, All Business, Confident, Badass, Fierce, BossLady, Inspired

The #Badassbosslady Liquid Lipstick

An easy to apply, long wearing, matte liquid lipstick in all the right shades. 

Currently in 8 perfect shades, the #Badassbosslady Liquid Lipstick gives you high-pigment intense color and long lasting power without needing a lipliner. The smooth formula applies easily and has a matte but light weight finish. The light fruity scent is pleasant to apply but doesn't linger. Best of all, 10% of all our proceeds from sales are given back to women's charities! Spend your time focusing on conquering the world and 

We hope you enjoy this first set of liquid lipsticks as much as we do and we thank you for your continued support! As always, keep on being a #badassbosslady no matter what!