This Wedding Season's Makeup Trends in Austin

It’s time for wedding season to kick back into gear in Austin. This means attending or being in a wedding. Instead of one more worry on your list, let us take the stress off your back by making your private rental with Make The Rest Up for your crew. And what’s this season’s biggest wedding makeup trend?

A rosy glow and pink lips!

 Photo from Pinterest

Photo from Pinterest

Rosy cheeks and a pink lip give youth and vibrance to any glowing bride on her wedding day. While you may think of pink for spring, paired with a darker smokey eye and big and bold lashes, it's perfect moving into the fall as well. When you get those bridal pictures back, you want to look like YOU - with a happy glow.  Try a pale pink blush for a natural flush. Apply on the apples of the cheeks with a light hand using upward strokes. Pair this rosy cheek with a fresh pink lip color to brighten up the whole face. While mattes are all the rage for their longwear, a creme formula can also be incredibly beautiful. Top it all off with some light touches of highlight (or heavy touches, whatever floats your boat) and you will definitely feel like the #badassprincessboss you are! 

Weddings are beautiful and special moments captured by photos forever. Let us help take a load off and Make The Rest Up for you!

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