Freaky Friday! MEOW!

The Kitty Cat!

While not all of us can pull of an Elle Woods Bunny costume as confidently as she can, we can still have some fun with animal inspired costumes on Halloween.  Whether you are looking to go realistic or playful, the Kitty Cat is a great costume for all ages.

While historically an easy last minute costume, you can easily play it up with some face makeup and keep all eyes focused on your cat eyes. Drop on a set of cat ears and a killer cat suit and you are all set! Great for women of all ages, kitten to cats!!! MEOW!

 We like our Felines to be Fierce!  

We like our Felines to be Fierce!  

By adding some professional makeup to enhance your costume, you can create a killer Halloween look that will make for some amazing pictures and memories. Book your 2 hour private rental with Make The Rest up and our team of artists will get you (and 3-6 friends) ready in no time (the $250 minimum counts towards your services)!  See the rest of our menu, book today and as always, a portion of proceeds will be donated to women’s literacy charities, because illiteracy is the real fright!