Help Us Launch Make The Rest Up!

As most of you know, I left my job this past November at Google to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.  In the first 2 months, I've made a lot of progress in starting my mobile makeup studio with the help of my friend and partner, Anna.  Your support has been immensely helpful in giving me the confidence I need to pursue this dream. Today is another big step. We are a week away from finalizing our purchase of the actual mobile shuttle that will be our studio and we could use your help! 

We started a kickstarter campaign in order to gain some additional capital so we can fix up our shuttle and hire our first makeup artists by SXSW. All I'm asking is that if you've already expressed interest in giving, you do so, now. If you cannot give, please continue to show your support by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Most importantly, thank you for all the kind words, motivation and inspiration you have already given. I couldn't be more grateful.

All my love,


CEO and Founder

Make the Rest up

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