Freaky Friday! Rise of the Undead

We’re kicking off our Freaky Friday Series leading up to Halloween with our collection of the undead. This classic halloween costume can come in many variations, the witch, the vampire and the zombie (or zombae, holla to the queen!).

The Zombie is perfect for both men and women especially for a costume on a budget. Pair the sunken makeup with an old torn up pair of jeans and a wrinkled unwashed shirt (if you feel extra fancy, rub some dirt on it!) and voila!  You will be scaring the neighborhood children in no time.

Zombie Makeup

The Witch or the Vampire can also be a great unisex costume.  Dress this up or down with full length black attire, add a pointy hat, some black boots and you are ready to ride away on your broomstick.  Replace your hat with some pointy fangs and a dab of fake blood (on us of course!) and you are an instant blooding sucking creature of the night.

Witch Vampire Makeup

By adding some professional makeup to enhance your costume, you can create a killer Halloween look that will make for some amazing pictures and memories. Book your 2 hour private rental with Make The Rest up and our team of artists will get you (and 3-6 friends) ready in no time (the $250 minimum counts towards your services)!  See the rest of our menu, book today and as always, a portion of proceeds will be donated to women’s literacy charities, because illiteracy is the real fright!