Women in Business: Anali Martinez

Women should empower other women. It’s something we are always saying and try to live every day. A part of that for us at Make The Rest Up has included getting to know other Austin area business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those who share our same passion, women empowerment. One of the very first such women we got to meet on this journey has been Anali Martinez of The Nueva Latina. Anali came to us when we did a blogger promotion to get feedback on our services and got her makeup done before she competed for Miss Austin Latina.  Since then, we’ve had the joy of seeing Anali over and over and each time we get to learn a little bit more about this amazing woman. Her kindness, passion, determination and general badassery is so inspiring that on today’s Women in Business Wednesday, we hope you can get to know her a bit!

The Nueva Latina

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog, The Nueva Latina

My name is Anali Martinez. I live in Round Rock, TX with my fiance and my puppy, El Chapo. I am a lifestyle blogger, a freelance contributor, and a civil engineer on the side. I love music and attend live music shows as much as I can. I am super involved in the community and hope to make the Austin area a better place with everything I do.

2. You are a Civil Engineer by trade, what has that been like as a young Latina female? Did you find it was harder, easier or just different?

It's been both pretty easy and difficult. Growing up I struggled a lot with "fitting in" and decided to stop caring by the time I got to college. By the time college was over I was a completely different person and I had found my group of people. I left college feeling like a Big Fish in a Big Pond and like I could take the civil engineering world by storm. Little did I realize that the industry I had chosen was just a more mature version of high school and fitting in would be a little more difficult than I thought. Ever since starting, though, I have made a name for myself and have proven that I am a valuable asset to the industry as a whole and the industry in Austin.

3. We love that you are engineer by day, beauty/lifestyle blogger by night (in fact you competed in a beauty pageant as Miss Austin Latina just recently!).  What's your advice to women who are afraid of being seen as "too girly" because they want to be taken seriously?

During SXSW I had the AMAZING opportunity of asking Kerry Washington a question. She told me that whenever I am afraid to be myself or to share my thoughts with the world to think of a person I look up to and admire then think of all the haters they have. Despite that, all the people I look up to are successful and amazing. Always remember that you can be the juiciest, most tastiest peach...but there will always be someone that doesn't like peaches. Don't be afraid to be you girl! Get it!

We are so proud to have the support of this #badassbosslady and hope you can be a juicy peach too! Check out Anali’s experience getting her #makeupforacause during one of her visits over on her blog and follow her for more on her life in Austin!